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Coalition for Economic Survival
Los Angeles, California
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Coalition for 
Economic Survival

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Los Angeles, California 
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A HUD subsidized Project-based Section 8 complex at risk of conversion to conventional housing.

HUD Tenant Organizing

Slum Building & Healthy Homes

Rent Control & Anti Displacement

Stronger Housing Code Enforcement

West Hollywood Organizing


CES organizes low and moderate income tenants (living in privately owned rental housing units including both federally subsidized and non-subsidized units), whose residences are at-risk due to slum conditions including lead hazards, proposed demolitions, proposed renovations, illegal evictions and owners' desires to opt-out of federally subsidized rental housing programs.

The supply and quality of housing that is affordable to low-income people is at tremendous risk. Landlords and developers, motivated by greed, are consistently attempting to demolish affordable housing to build luxury units, convert existing affordable housing to condominiums, and substantially renovating low rent rentals units in order to gain higher rents.

In addition, as a result of the aging housing stock and due to slumlords that refuse to make needed repairs, tenants are being exposed to dangerous toxic hazards, leading to major health problems for residents, including children.

CES educates, trains, supports and empowers tenants to take action to protect their rights, their housing and their lives, and brings tenants living in threatened affordable housing together with tenants in slum and HUD housing to create a powerful voice to preserve and create healthy, safe and decent affordable housing.



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